Regarded by many the finest boat painters in the country
Regarded by many the finest boat painters in the country
Paintcraft Boats


15% less drag paint, used on all our foils.










Your foil refurbised with low drag paint. Starting from - £160

scorpion centreboard (sheafed)- £490

scorpion fixed rudder-£380
scorpion fixed rudder in carbon-£450
scorpion lifting rudder-£340
scorpion lifting in carbon- £410

GP14 centreboard (ultra low drag paint)- £450

GP14 fixed rudder (ultra low drag paint)- £365
GP14 lifting rudder (ultra low drag paint)- £320

Enterprise rudder blade (ultra low drag paint)- £275

Enterprise centre board (ultra low drag paint)- £470

Durepox Paint


Paint used with our Foils 

Durepox is a unique marine paint. It can be used as a high-build, a primer and a topcoat all in one, saving litres and hence kilograms worth of paint layers - making your boat lighter and therefore (importantly!) faster in the water.It's an epoxy urethane which means it's extremely hard while still being flexible and highly durable - perfect for the marine environment (as well as an array of other applications). Durepox has superior adhesion to carbon fibre, fibreglass, wood and concrete. Professional boat builders / painters value Durepox's fast dry properties, sandability after three hours with no shrink back, and the ability to apply a further coats without sanding between dry times.

 Durepox is used as a topcoat on racing boats because it has an excellent ability to provide a water barrier and withstand the harsh affects of the weather and marine environment. In results done by Otago Flume Laboratory they found that its satin finish gave a 15% less drag coefficient that a high gloss surface.


Durepox finishes are commonly used on the hull and deck of many boats competing prestigious races like Volvo Ocean Race and previous America's Cups. Seven of the twelve boats in the Louis Vuitton Cup and the America's Cup defender all sported Durepox finishes.

Paintcraft foils are manufactured in red cedar and can be sheathed or Refurbishing foils

If you are not in the market for new foils why not have you existing foils refurbished and re-coated with the latest low drag coverings.


 One of the easiest ways all owners can improve boatspeed is to acquire a new set of foils, the centreboard or daggerboard being the most important rather than the rudder


Why Use Wood For Foils?


Although other materials such as PVC foam are being used now in some high performance classes, wood is still the most widely used material.both hand and electric tools and takes adhesives and finishes well. In addition wood has an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, exactly what good foils require, as well as outstanding fatigue resistance. However, wood is only effective if it is used dry and then kept well protected from moisture. There are many different woods to choose from and choice will be dictated primarily by both design and availability.

Wood As A Structural Material


Microscopically, wood is like a closely packed bundle of parallel drinking straws. This is what gives wood its stiffness and high bending strength. Wood is nature’s own unidirectional material. For foils it is most important to have straight grain with no knots and the wood should ideally be kiln dried for the best stiffness and dimensional stability. The stiffest wood foils have straight grain and certain woods are selected for fewest defects, Western Red Cedar and Spruce being obvious examples. However, most woods, particularly mahogany types, are not perfect which is why narrow strips should always be laminated and glued together for the wood to be most effective. Plywood is generally much less effective since up to half the plies usually have their grain orientated in a direction which is of little use in contributing to a stiff foil.





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